Hi there, glad you could make it. Pull up a chair & join the conversation.

Bay State Design Shop (“BSDS”) is a growing community that’s for New England-area designers, by New England-area designers. Our Slack channel is an inclusive gathering spot for all stripes of designer—veteran practitioners, up-and-comers, and greenhorns alike—we’re an egalitarian, pretension-free place for designers to talk shop, chew the fat, and lend each other a helping hand. Think of Bay State Design Shop as a lively potluck dinner that everybody’s invited to.

We’re a place for designers to ask questions, share insights into their work, offer constructive, real-time critique—as well as get a heads up on job opportunities, resources, and events in the area. Rest easy though, friend; we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Be assured there’s a heaping portion of malarkey served up daily in our scrappy design clubhouse.  

Founded in 2017 by designers Ryan Arruda & Erik Weikert, Bay State Design Shop has grown organically over the last year, and is proud to have over 300 members amongst its roster. You know what, though? It’d be an even better place if you joined too.

So hold onto your hats, folks—you had BEST BELIEVE™ that the Bay State Design Shop is ready to welcome you to its ranks. So, what do you say? If you’re a New England-area designer, come pull up a chair and sit a spell. The conversation is good, the people are genuine, and the snacks are free.