Hey BSDS Members!

We are organizing a poster show to celebrate the amazing creative talent here in New England and are looking for members of the BSDS community to participate! It’s going to be one beer-filled hell of a time. Did we mention it’s all to benefit a good cause? Details and signup info below!

About the Show

The inaugural (Bay) State of Tomorrow show will be hosted on Saturday, September 21st, at Backlash Beer Co. in Boston. Through the medium of a poster, selected artists will be asked to interpret the theme “A New England Brew”. Posters will be available for purchase at the event and through the BSDS website with profits benefiting a needs-based scholarship for New England design students.

On Saturday night we will host a kick-off party that will invite the public the come enjoy the posters, meet the artists, and drink some beer. The posters will remain hung in the brewery throughout the weekend (maybe even longer!) for everyone to enjoy.


Boston, MA



How will the selected artists be determined?
10-15 BSDS members will be randomly selected (use the form below to enter) to participate. An additional handful of artists will be nominated to participate by the BSDS staff.

I’ve been chosen! What’s next?
Selected artists will be asked to submit a $40 deposit to confirm your spot which will be fully refunded after the show. The BSDS team will follow up shortly after with theme information and timeline.

Why are you collecting a deposit?
A deposit ensures that selected artists are serious about contributing and represents a formal agreement to participate. The deposit will be fully refunded after the show.

If selected to participate, do I have to attend the show?
You do not, although we would love it if you could attend!

What organization/scholarships will the proceeds be donated to?
We are currently considering a number of different non-profit organizations and scholarships. Do you happen to know of any that might be a good fit? Let us know!

Will I make any money from the sales or use of my poster?
All artists, along with the BSDS team, are being asked to contribute their time and talents pro-bono to benefit the next generation of New England designers.

Will BSDS profit at all from the event?
The BSDS team does not get paid, nor profit from any BSDS activities, events, etc. Any profits retained by BSDS (yet to be determined) would be used to make future events possible.

How will the posters be sold?
We are exploring creative ways to highlight and sell the various posters. Currently we are thinking several sizes of the posters will be for sale at the event. Larger sizes will be sold as print-on-demand to help reduce the logistics and cost of shipping, returns, and the overhead of inventory for the BSDS staff. Posters will remain on sale through the BSDS website until 12.01.2019.

When will the proceeds be donated?
Proceeds will be donated in December 2019.

What if I wasn’t randomly selected to participate?
Your luck isn’t out, this won’t be our only poster show. In the meantime, we hope to see you at Backlash Beer Co. on Saturday, 9/21!


Interested in Participating?

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