New Partnership: Hover!

We’re so grateful to be able to announce that the fine folks of Hover have joined us as an official sponsor of our BSDS Presents Aaron Draplin in Boston event on October 26th! They’re helping us bring our event to life, and we’re over the moon for their support.


If you haven’t heard about them, Hover is a domain registrar you definitely want to take a look at. As a designer, having a memorable, easy-to-access domain is paramount for your own studio or personal brand’s online presence. You have to make your mark. The great news is that Hover’s the easy-to-use domain registrar that can help you stake your claim, hassle-free. Heck, we here at BSDS use Hover’s domain registration services and couldn’t be happier. You heard it right from the source.


In addition to the classic domains you’re probably familiar with, with Hover you can even score a .DESIGN domain to let prospective clients know what you’re all about, right off the bat. Need a custom email address? Hover’s got your covered there too, with affordable plans to meet any budget. Again, we’ve got our very own BSDS email coming directly through Hover’s affordable offerings.

So, designers and all friends of Bay State Design Shop—stop what you’re doing and go check out Hover straight away! As an added bonus, if you’ve got tickets to our BSDS Presents Aaron Draplin in Boston extravaganza on October 26th, be sure to stop by the Hover team’s table to score some awesome swag—and to let ‘em know how much we appreciate their help in putting on this event! Did we should also mention that each event attendee will receive a FREE .DESIGN domain?! You’ll be able to kick-start or upgrade your online presence straight away, all at no extra cost to you.

An enormous hug goes out to our friends at Hover on behalf of the Bay State Design Shop—thank you!

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