2018 Font Purchasing Habits Survey Results!

Do you love fonts? Do you love data? Do you love infographics? Do you like retro design? Do you love in-depth customer research? Do you love surveys? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the results of The Font Purchasing Habits Survey are for you! Conducted by BSDS member Mary Catherine Pflug, you can check out the results of her in-depth survey about font purchasing behavior that received over 15,000 responses. Those who took it received a pack of 15 great Monotype fonts for free! Didn’t get the chance to take it this year? Stay tuned for the 2019 survey which will hit the stage in the spring. Click below to learn about the font features most desired by customers, the perception of major design brands, and opinions about variable fonts, font subscriptions and font prices. 

2018 Survey Infograph.png
Ryan Arruda