Launch your Design Portfolio Online

When you’re a designer, you often spend a lot of time focused on your clients’ or employers’ projects, ensuring everything is beyond expectations—yours and theirs! You spend hours combing over each component of their project to ensure it’s absolutely perfect. Though you’re rarely satisfied, you know when you’ve put out that perfect piece. In the process of creating the logo, website, branding, and design work of their dreams, you can forget to focus on yourself. You have accumulated an incredible portfolio of varied work and know that it’s the right time to present it online to gain valuable clients and career opportunities. But where do you begin?

Don’t let a lack of experience or training prevent you from creating the website you’ve always imagined…you have the design skills to put together a beautiful site.

Your Work

First, you need to organize your work. You need to collect all pieces and be sure they are saved in a high quality. Be cognizant of your website’s loading speed by saving your work in proper size and formats, as well as storing them in a way that doesn’t overload your website. Make sure you document the date and purpose of each element you have created, as well as your vision and the story behind each piece. Telling a story behind a full rebrand will be key to helping clients understand if their needs are suited to your work.

Your Website

Making a website is a quick and easy process nowadays—don’t let a lack of experience or training in this realm prevent you from creating the website you’ve always imagined to exhibit your design portfolio. You have the design skills to put together a beautiful and standout site, so find a website builder that lets you create what you need. Use a website builder, such as Squarespace or Wix, to handle the development so that you can focus on what you know best—design.

Your Domain Name

Your domain name is where your brand name will live. Whether you choose to own your personal name or your brand as a domain (or both!), you need to make sure it draws in the right audience. A domain suited to your work, such as the .DESIGN domain name extension, tells potential clients that they have landed on a website and a person dedicated to design. Hover domain can easily connect to many website building services, such as Wix, SquareSpace, and more. Give the .DESIGN domain name a spin!

At the recent Bay State Design Shop event featuring Aaron Draplin, Hover partnered up with Top-Level Design to offer you the .DESIGN domain name for your portfolio. If you claimed your domain, show us your creations on social—we’d love to see it! We had such a great time connecting with the attendees and participants in the BSDS community. We hope you had a fantastic time at this beautifully planned event.

Samantha Lloyd is a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. She loves filling you in on the booming tech industry. When she’s not working, she lives for travel and the ocean and is always looking for a chance to dive, snorkel, and recently attempting to surf!

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