Font of the Month Club: September

It’s the first of the month and for many of us that means a fresh new typeface is waiting in our inboxes! For those of you who aren’t part of the Font of the Month Club, we highly recommend it! Run by typeface designer and BSDS member David Jonathan Ross the Font of the Month club delivers a new typeface to you monthly. The typefaces are not available anywhere else, and include David’s distinctive display faces, experimental designs, and exclusive previews of upcoming retail typeface families.

This month’s typeface is:

Bradley DJR!


Bradley DJR is a revival of Bradley, a typeface released by American Type Founders in 1895. It is based on Will H. Bradley’s cover for the Christmas edition of The Inland Printer magazine, and most records show that it was Hermann Ihlenburg who completed the design. Its simplified forms make it more accessible to readers who aren’t accustomed to blackletter, and this revival seeks to preserve its softness, descending caps, and distinctive storybook character.

Check out the PDF specimen for more examples of Bradley DJR and don’t forget to sign up for the Font of the Month Club today!

Erik Weikert