Mohawk Paper Partnership & the Maker Quarterly No. 15 Launch Party!


BSDS Friends!

We have an exciting addition to our upcoming Aaron Draplin in Boston extravaganza to share with you all!! The BSDS team is beyond thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Mohawk Paper to bring our event to life this month! Our friends, the amazing team at Mohawk, share a like-minded passion for building community and being an open resource for knowledge, inspiration and education for designers.

Kicking off at 6pm at District Hall we’ll collectively be hosting a launch party for Mohawk’s latest Maker Quarterly ahead of Aaron’s speaking fiasco. Mohawk’s Maker Quarterly is a beautifully produced educational and inspirational resource for designers. Issue No. 15 celebrates the tactile, indispensable quality of print, along with the materials that make it such a unique and powerful user experience. All our evening ticket holders are invited to come by District Hall at 6pm; you’ll be able to enjoy some drinks, take home a copy of the fresh-off-the-presses Maker Quarterly issue, and hear Mohawk’s Creative Director, Chris Harrold, give an informal talk about the techniques and production notes behind the latest issue’s design. And get ready for this friends: Mohawk has generously included this pre-event gathering as part of your Aaron Draplin in Boston ticket Just show up early to get in on the fun.

If you’re up for talking all things paper and print, Chris, Melissa, Becky, Theresa and Sophie from the Mohawk team will be available before and after Aaron’s speaking fiasco for Q&A, to show you the amazing things they are up to, or to just talk shop. Make sure to say hi and thanks for helping bring our extravaganza to life!

For those who haven’t seen the previous issues of the Maker Quarterly, we highly recommend checking them out! Each one is more superlative than the last, so we can only imagine what great things Issue No. 15 will have in store for us.

Here is the latest schedule for the evening:

Friday 10/26

District Hall

6:00pm – Drinks and Mingling with the BSDS Community

6:30pm – The Making of Maker Quarterly Issue No. 15, Mohawk Paper Team

7:00pm – Follow-Up, Q&A w/ Mohawk Paper Team

7:30pm – Aaron Draplin Speaking Fiasco Begins

9:30 - 11:00pm – Meet the Speaker & Sponsors in the Lounge

Please note:

For all Friday and Saturday logo design workshop attendees, the workshops will be help at 374 Congress Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 307 in the Seaport (only a short walk from District Hall).


Tickets for the Saturday Logo Design Workshops with Aaron are still available. Be sure to check out some of the amazing production behind the previous Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issues as well: