Project Feature: Strange Folks

Strange Folks is an ever-expanding family of monsters, creatures, and spontaneous creative giblets created by designer and illustrator Ted Pioli. Using strong line work and bold color, he turns blank pages into head-turning characters and patterns.

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Strange Folks is a project born from the infectious energy to constantly be creating and making something new. The rules are simple: Draw something. Then share it with the world. Everyday.

The project began as a small self-motivated challenge but has since sprouted an eye, a fang, two legs, and taken its’ first deep breath as a living breathing brand.

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As Strange Folks forms into an entity of its’ own, Ted continues to pursue his love of monsters, creatures, and bizarre forms. The work of Strange Folks has been picked up and displayed both online and in stores. Most notably, Strange Folks was the featured artist on two beer can designs for Collective Arts Brewing.

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Before arriving on a creature, monster, or pattern, most of the Strange Folks begin as a scribble or blip. It only takes a flick of the wrist, or a smudge from the hand to expose a creature that was hiding under the blank canvas all along.

The process of a Strange Folks creation is as follows:

  1. Pick up ipad pro.

  2. Pick up Apple Pencil (with left hand).

  3. Turn iPad pro on.

  4. Open the ProCreate app.

  5. Create new canvas (if room is dark make background black).

  6. Begin drawing with 6b pencil until a creature emerges.

  7. Create new layer for line work.

  8. Trace over original sketch with custom line work brush

  9. Add color.

  10. Save image in the event step 11 goes horribly wrong.

  11. Add additional detail work and duplicate into repeating pattern / composition.

  12. Export and post artwork and process time-lapse on @Strange.Folks instagram.

  13. Share and promote new work with friends and the internet.

  14. Encourage others to draw more.

  15. Repeat.

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Ted Pioli

BSDS member Ted Pioli is a designer and illustrator working under the alias of Strange Folks. Make sure to follow Ted’s project on Instagram and check out the amazing design work on his Dribbble.

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