Welcome to the Thunderdome:

a weekly design challenge within the BSDS community designed to provide quick and fun opportunities for practice and exploration.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
New challenges are posted every Monday morning in the #Thunderdome channel in our Slack group, and on the BSDS Instagram. Every challenge provides a loose set of guidelines that each participant is free to interpret how they desire. Entries for the week’s challenge are shared up to the following Sunday evening.

Why weekly design challenges?
The Thunderdome challenges grew organically out of the BSDS community. We love them because they provide members with great opportunities to:

  • create something without client pressure

  • explore outside of comfort zones

  • become comfortable sharing quick design explorations

What size?
We encourage a 4x3 aspect ratio with a pixel size of 1600 x 1200px so that images can be easily shared on Dribbble and Instagram.

How Long should they take?
Thunderdome challenges are meant to provide a quick and fun warm-up focused around exploration instead of perfection. We recommend that each entry take between 15 to 45 minutes to complete.

Is there a hashtag?
You bet, #BSDSThunderdome.