How Can I Help?

Each Community Team member will take ownership over a specific category of content - Events, Jobs, Typography, Sketches, and Resources. We ask that you help BSDS organize and develop how we promote and highlight the happenings in and around your specific category. At a minimum, this would mean scheduling a once-a-week post on BSDS Instagram.


BSDS has grown organically over the past year and a half thanks to the help of our passionate members and volunteers. As an organization for the community, everyone has the opportunity to shape BSDS, specifically members who work closely with us.


No one in the BSDS organization get’s paid or financially benefits from their contributions. Like JFK, we ask that it’s not what your community can do for you, but what you can do for your community. While your contribution won’t help pay your bills we will do everything we can to show our appreciation for your help. That might include BSDS merchandise and admission to our yearly flagship event. Like everyone who has dedicated their time to BSDS in the past we hope that you are doing so because you share a similar belief in our mission.